A.C.K. Programs

Tiny Tigers

Welcome to our pre-school program. The Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon class is a fantastic opportunity for your pre-schooler to develop the basic fundamentals for a successful future in the martial arts as well as life skills. This program stresses the importance of disciplined behavior, respect for others, social interaction, staying focused and confidence in themselves. Instructors work with parents to provide a solid foundation for their children, not only in the dojo but at home and school as well. Students learn beginner physical skills such as balance and coordination, improved flexibility and proper exercise. Also, the children learn their basics in self defense. Proper kicking, punching and blocking techniques are taught to help build our future martial artists.

Junior Program

Welcome to our Juniors program.  The Junior class ranges from ages six to twelve years old. Classes are separated accordingly, either by age or by rank. This program offers your child a superior defense system along with life knowledge and skills . Instructors help students understand discipline, respect, honor, confidence and how to bring out the best in themselves. Physical skills and techniques of the system are also required. Balance, coordination and leverage drills are taught in order to ensure students have the proper skills necessary to perform defense techniques. As students progress through the system, different arts are introduced and intertwined with other arts creating a well rounded martial artist. Students are also taught awareness of stranger danger. Understanding how to recognize a bad situation and understanding how to avoid one. They are also taught the confidence to use not only there physical karate but there verbal as well.

Teen Program

Welcome to the teenage program. This class is offered to students ranging from ages thirteen to eighteen. When students from the juniors program enter their teenage years they are eligible to move up to the teen program. New teenage students just starting out would also be in this program. All the aspects and characteristics from the juniors program (please see juniors program)are carried over to the teen program. However, due to the maturity of the student the expectations are greater and instructors are serious in enforcing proper etiquette and intense training. This teen program is not only preparing our students to graduate to the adult program in the dojo, but to prepare them for adulthood outside the dojo as well.

Adult Program

The adult program at A.C.K. is for any adult that wishes to take part in our system for any number of reasons. Exercise, hobby, interest in martial arts or just simply self defense. Whatever the reason A.C.K. can help you reach your goals. Our system mixes the best of traditional martial arts with modern and practical defense systems. No matter what your age, A.C.K. instills a certain etiquette, honor and discipline not found anywhere else. We take exceptional pride in our system and all the students who train in it. It has taken many years to form this system (see our system page) and we know you will enjoy training with us as much as we enjoy training you.