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Logo meaning

American Cadre Karate Logo

  • The intertwining of a triangle and a circle is a symbol of unity.  We, at A.C.K. believe that through martial arts we can all be united.  The co-founders of A.C.K. have united to form one superior system. 

  • The circle alone is the never ending quest of a true martial artist, while the triangle alone represents the fusion of body, mind, and spirit. We chose to use gold for its universal association with excellence, and blue because it represents power, intelligence, and integrity. 

  • The five arrows going around the circle represent the five core values and characteristics instilled in all of our students and exemplified by our instructors: Honor, Discipline, Integrity, Commitment and Respect. 

  • The two figures in the middle represent the balance of life, the Yin and the Yang.  These two images are identical in order to demonstrate a mirror image of oneself. Becoming a martial artist is accepting an ongoing pursuit of perfecting yourself. One must always master themselves before mastering others.

  • The white figure represents the beginner and the black figure represents the expert. This image shows them both as equals. No matter what level you achieve, you are always a student trying to learn more.

  • If you look closely, you can find the infinity symbol in the middle of our logo. This represents the never ending pursuit of knowledge.

  • A.C.K. is an American system.  Much of the system has been created by the Co-Founders, through many years of training, reality battle tested drills, techniques and defenses. There are also a variety of Asian arts taught in A.C.K. and some altered by A.C.K. to fit today’s society and survival defense. 

  • The six stars shown on the flag represent the six main disciplines taught at A.C.K.. These disciplines are:  Judo, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Modern street defense.  Read about these disciplines on the "Our System" page!


Shinjitsu logo

The meaning of the Shinjitsu logo: The structure used in the logo is called a Torii. The Torii has an extremely long history dating back to quite possibly the year 922 in Japan. Traditionally it’s meaning symbolizes the entrance to a sacred place. American Cadre Karate uses this image of a Torii in our Shinjitsu logo for two reasons.


1. Martial arts has historically been a place of honor, respect and discipline. When one crosses the threshold from the street into the dojo, they are entering our sacred place. 


The 2nd reason is we would like to show our respect to the Japanese Martial Arts. The American flag draped over the Torii symbolizes a combination of our American art skillfully blended with the Asian arts. The colors of gold and navy blue come from our American Cadre Karate logo which are our school colors.

Shinjitsu translates to "Art of Reality"
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